IT Agency Growth with Shahed

Shahed Islam

CEO & Co-founder, SJ Innovation LLC

Business Mentor, ManagedCoder

11th July

6 PM

Al-Hamra Shopping City

AHIL-802 (7th Floor), Zindabazar, Sylhet.

  • "Attracting International Clients" - Learn how to leverage your unique offerings to connect with overseas clients and expand your agency's reach.

  • "The Power of Niching" - Discover how focusing on a specific area can position your agency as a leader and enhance client retention.

  • "Process and Its Importance" - Understand how well-defined processes can enhance productivity and drive growth.

About Shahed Islam

As the CEO of an emerging US-based software development company also listed in INC 5000 fastest growing agencies, Shahed Islam has the vision to help fellow aspiring leaders realize their true business potential. He also acts as the business development leader, steadily transforming his business from a simple, two-man operation to a team of over 140 software development professionals. Currently, with over 18 years of experience in managing teams across five locations around the globe, he knows the ropes of the trade to proactively steer your software development strategies and win predictably.

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